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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 22, 1 November 1973

Volume 9, Issue 22

1 November 1973

Fast synchronisation of an Earth station to a switching satellite
Cheby̅shev quarter-wave stepped balun transformer
Crosspolarisation isolation and discrimination
Antenna with multibeam applications
Pulsed silicon double-drift IMPATTs for microwave and millimetre-wave applications
Direct analysis of folded dipole by method of moments
Cost and radix
Procedure for the generation of equiripple functions
Temperature effects in reflective surface-acoustic-wave delay lines
Evalaution of the matrix exponential
Nonlinear power amplification at the second harmonic in TRAPATT diodes
Realisation of the mean-value function
Microwave Hall-mobility measurements on 1-dimensional conducting systems [K2Pt(CN)4Br0.3. × H2O and quinolinium (TCNQ)2]
Calculation of the radiation pattern and impedance of a log-periodic dipole array
Second-order digital filter with only one magnitude-truncation quantiser and having practically no limit cycles
Large-signal direct modulation of injection lasers
Infrared television: performance of pyroelectric vidicon at 8 to 14 μm
Observation of the small-scale structure of intense rain by the scattering of microwaves

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