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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 21, 18 October 1973

Volume 9, Issue 21

18 October 1973

Transducer and multistrip-coupler performance for leaky surface waves on lithium niobate
High-purity glasses for optical-fibre communication
Tracking sensitivity with peripheral-horn autotrack
Rectangular universal iterative array
Transient analysis of waveguides with curved boundaries
High-precision measurement of 2e/hthat uses cryogenic electronic components
Evaluation of data reconstruction using Walsh functions
Avalanche-diode amplifier-upconvertor
ZnS sputtered photocells
Predictive algorithms for some elementary functions in radix 2
Computer correction of a microwave network analyzer without accurate frequency measurement
Comparison of surface-wave reflection coefficients for different metals on quartz
Secant algorithm applied to the solution for the steady-state condition in nonlinear-circuit analysis
Correlator performance and the squared coherency
Increase in surface-acoustic-wave velocity produced by ion implantation in quartz
Invariant-sinusoid approximation method for recursive digital filters
Adaptive logic circuits for digital stochastic computers
Pole sensitivity of a digital filter with multishift sequences in each sampling interval
Fast algorithm for finding a forest of a linear graph
Comparative performance of equal-valued-capacitor active RC structures
Cheby̅shev approximation of arbitrary frequency response for nonrecursive digital filters with linear phase
Frequency multiplier for square waves
Some errors in the calculation of the radiation patterns of reflector antennas, using Kirchhoff integration

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