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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 20, 4 October 1973

Volume 9, Issue 20

4 October 1973

Some data for the design of low-crosspolarisation feeds
Pseudorandom Poisson-process generator
Local form of the radiation condition: application to curved dielectric structures
Nonminimum-phase difficulties in muitivariable-control-system design
Limitation of m.t.i. improvement factor due to oscillator instability
Variable delay for acoustic surface waves by electro-acousto-optic interaction
All npn 4-quadrant analogue multiplier
Efficient numerical solution of the transmission-line equivalent-circuit model of a semiconductor
Detection of phosphorus in heavily diffused silicon by He+ backscattering
Effect of unity-rank feedback on the transfer-function matrix of a multivariable system
Automation of the synthesis of asynchronous sequential circuits
Reply to ‘Comment on Use of synchronised dither in pseudorandom-sequence testing’
Erratum: Attenuation in an elliptic waveguide
Erratum: Experimental determination of attenuation in corrugated circular waveguides

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