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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 19, 20 September 1973

Volume 9, Issue 19

20 September 1973

Leaky rays cause failure of geometric optics on optical fibres
Derivation of diffraction coefficients for a thin wire of finite length
Moiré effects in professional videotape recorders
Reliability estimation for probabilistic switching circuits
Complete photon conversion in backward-travelling-wave parametric amplification and oscillation
Increasing the locking bandwidth of a waveguide-cavity oscillator through the use of a double-tuned circuit
Capacitively tuned dipole
Use of cancellation techniques in the measurement of atmospheric crosspolarisation
New definitions for loudness ratings
Comment on ‘Use of synchronised dither in pseudorandom-sequence testing’
Quartz oscillator in complementary m.o.s. technology
Improved tolerance in optical directional couplers
Effect of recombination time on efficiency and frequency of operation in GaAs TRAPATT devices
Frequency-to-time-domain sensitivity matrix
V groove m.o.s. transistor technology
Cellular dynamic memory array with reduced data-access time
Comparison of the hot electron-diffusion rates for GaAs and InP
Short-term frequency stability of an L band oscillator with a superconducting cavity
Channel-dropping coupled-line filter
Erratum: Generating function for spanning trees
Erratum: Effects of diode-package cutoff frequency on TRAPATT operation

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