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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 18, 6 September 1973

Volume 9, Issue 18

6 September 1973

Low-noise silicon IMPATT structure
Viscous dielectric materials for application in microwave microcircuits
Double-resonance bridge
Sampling phase rotator for removal of Doppler shift in a lunar radar
Serial residue generator for use in a self-checking computer
Mode excitation in a multimode optical-fibre waveguide
Model of a metal-oxide-silicon transistor operating in the saturation region
State-assignment technique for synchronous sequential machines
Generation of Bleustein–Gulyaev and bulk-shear waves by interdigital transducers on a piezoelectric ceramic
Generation of Rayleigh and bulk waves by interdigital transducers on y-cut z-propagating lithium niobate
Power-generation potential of various IMPATT structures from a scaling approximation
Simple evaluation of the matrix T that relates two equivalent Foster networks
Experimental determination of attenuation in corrugated circular waveguides
Volterra kernels in nonlinear systems
Possible improvement in television-signal prediction due to interframe correlation
Design of a circulating-type analogue–digital convertor using bucket-brigade delay lines
Linear and nonlinear high-quality synthetic inductors
m=0, n=0 mode and rectangular-waveguide slot discontinuity
Nonsymmetrical multistrip coupler as a surface-wave beam compressor of large bandwidth
Maximum Q factors for bandpass filters

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