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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 17, 23 August 1973

Volume 9, Issue 17

23 August 1973

Influence of the extraction order of attenuation poles in a lowpass filter
Unsupervised learning of the Kalman filter
Symbol set for regenerated communications
CODYMOS frequency dividers achieve low power consumption and high frequency
Effects of diode-package cutoff frequency on TRAPATT operation
Attenuation in an elliptic waveguide
Radiation from a solid-state laser
Automatic classification of mass spectra by means of digital learning nets
Improved lightning-earth flash counter
Feedback-rate control in fading channels
Overlapping-gate buried-channel charge-coupled devices
Reduction of noise in high-power crossed-field amplifiers
Dielectric anisotropy of new liquid-crystal mixtures and its effect on dynamic scattering
Sputtered-glass optical waveguides
Analysis of RLC gyrator networks

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