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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 15, 26 July 1973

Volume 9, Issue 15

26 July 1973

Ferromagnetic-resonance linewidth of thick yttrium–iron-garnet films grown by liquid-phase epitaxy
Frequency-controlled beam steering of surface acoustic waves using a stepped transducer array
Comment on ‘Estimation of discrete-time systems using pseudorandom sequences’
Surface-wave nondestructive testing using 1-dimensional acoustic holography
Effect of scattering on radiometer measurements of attenuation in rain
Radiating apertures in a corrugated rectangular waveguide
Measurement technique for largesignal admittance of IMPATT diodes
Piecewise-linear-basis-function expansions
Use of synchronised dither in pseudorandom-sequence testing
Transmission-line-matrix solution of waveguides with wall losses
Pulse response of a graded-index optical fibre
An fT anomaly
Electrical properties and simplified theory of a particular junction field-effect transistor operating with a forward gate-source bias
New method of differential-input operational-amplifier-network analysis
Comparison of methods of parameter estimation using pseudorandom sequences
Normality conditions for the time-optimal control of time-invariant linear systems
Fundamental- and higher-order modes in open microstrip lines
Low-frequency impedance of a circular loop over a conducting ground
Erratum: Spreading resistance of multiple-layer cylindrical structures
Erratum: Radiation characteristics of waveguide-excited dielectric spheres with matched sphere-air boundary
Erratum: Q band (38 GHz) varactor-tuned Gunn oscillators
Erratum: Fitting of measured data to a known relationship
Erratum: Calculation of the secondary-radiation pattern for a paraboloid reflector with a given illumination function and feed position

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