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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 12, 14 June 1973

Volume 9, Issue 12

14 June 1973

Extension of the moment-analysis method for statistical analysis to include linear-correlation effects
Use of unity-rank output feedback to guide the selection of feedback coefficients
Integral equation for the potential distribution in a Hall generator
Series expansion for two input describing functions
Zero-voltage detection in thyristor and triac convertors
X band c.w. TRAPATT oscillators using ring diodes on diamond heat spreaders
Dual-observer design procedure
Digital-filter 2nd-order element with low quantising noise for poles and zeros at low frequencies
Effects of nonuniform doping on generation-lifetime measurement in m.o.s. capacitors
Input impedance of a circulator with an inphase eigen-excitation resonator
Bragg imaging of high-frequency sound fields
Cooley-Tukey-type algorithm for the Haar transform
Microwave loss measurement
GaP electroluminescent memory switch

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