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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 1, 11 January 1973

Volume 9, Issue 1

11 January 1973

Estimation in linear time-delay system with coloured observation noise
Small-signal noise analysis of p+np+ BARITT diodes
Pipeline array for square-root extraction
Pulse broadening in multimode fibres excited by GaAs lasers
Improved binary multiplication system
Propagation and radiation characteristics of corrugated horns
Diffusion of hot electrons in n indium phosphide
Noise performance of gallium-arsenide and indium-phosphide injection-limited diodes
Optimum r.f.-power transport in nd-limited gallium-arsenide travelling-wave amplifiers
Electrically alterable avalanche-injection memory
Influence of horn length on radiation pattern of oblique-flare-angle corrugated horn

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