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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 9, 4 May 1972

Volume 8, Issue 9

4 May 1972

Experimental study of the correlation of f.m. and l.f. noise in Gunn oscillators
Simple algorithm for determining the existence of a linear graph from a given edge matrix
Propagation characteristics of the pseudo-Rayleigh mode of the ridge guide for acoustic surface waves
Fundamental modelling of cylindrical-geometry bipolar transistors
Equivalence of RC active networks
Numerical time-dependent transistor-analysis algorithm
Leakage currents of m.o.s. devices under surface-depletion conditions
Adaptive statistical encoding of d.p.c.m.-coded videotelephone signals
Convolution with magnetostatic waves in a y.i.g. rod
Dielectric-waveguide discontinuities
Noise-correlation impedance of microwave transistors
Improved angular ambiguity and accuracy by aperture-modulation technique
Improvement of the stability of high-voltage generators for perturbations within a frequency bandwidth of 0.03–1000 Hz
Double-extrapolation method for m.o.s.t. threshold-voltage measurements
Comment on ‘Numerical check on the accuracy of spherical-wave expansions’
Acoustic-beam profiles in surface-wave filters
State-space interpretation of Foster-synthesis method for LC networks
Unstable domains in solution-grown epitaxial InP
Relaxing-avalanche-mode reflection amplifier
Optimum control of linear systems in the presence of polynomial or sinusoidal disturbances
Relaxing avalanche mode and its relation to TRAPATT, a.r.p. and IMPATT oscillators
Efficient numerical solution of unbounded field problems
Erratum: Radiation patterns of paraboloid with log-periodic dipole feed
Erratum: Some Boolean matrix operators
Erratum: Mapping eddy currents using a resistance network
Erratum: New results of an experimental sampling system for recording fast single events

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