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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 8, 20 April 1972

Volume 8, Issue 8

20 April 1972

Measurement of subtransient reactance using a thyristor
Anomalies in attenuation and emission by rain at 37 GHz (8.1 mm)
Floating-point dynamic-variable-range multiple-precision operators
Application of inhomogeneous dielectric loading to coaxial resonators
New time-of-flight technique for measuring drift velocity in semiconductors
Perturbation theory for electromagnetic radiation in magnetoplasma
Reply to ‘Comment on Can a pulse excitation smaller than kT be detected?’
Analysis of worst-case gain for Nth-order transfer functions realised by cascaded 2nd-order networks
Influence of launching horn on radiation characteristics of a dielectric cone feed
Numerical check on the accuracy of spherical-wave expansions
Pulse generation in planar Gunn devices with varying nL product
TRAPATT-diode model for circuit design
Noise and distortion considerations in charge-coupled devices
Control algorithm with variable structure for incomplete information on state of system
Maximum-likelihood method for identifying linear s.i.s.o. systems
Simple equivalent network for the flexural mode of the ridge guide for acoustic surface waves
Error rate for p.s.k. and d.p.s.k. in the presence of source noise
Rayleigh-wave frequency discriminator
Electronic properties of gallium-arsenide field-effect-transistor structure used as detector for acoustic surface waves

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