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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 7, 6 April 1972

Volume 8, Issue 7

6 April 1972

Electric fields at and near the surface of p-n junctions with negative bevel angles
Component tolerancing in compact transient-analysis program
Solution-grown epitaxial InP for high-efficiency circuit-controlled microwave oscillators
Program package for linear-system order reduction
Statistical nature of impurity-atom diffusion and its influence on the characteristics of narrow-base bipolar transistors
1 kW microstripline TRAPATT oscillator
Noncompleteness of continuously equivalent networks
Calculation method for microstrip discontinuities and T junctions
Dielectric loading of corrugated waveguides
Temperature profile and thermal-spreading resistance for a semi-infinite type-IIa-diamond heat sink
Amplitude-constrained minimum-variance controller
Self-oscillating regulated convertor
Optical fibre with nonuniform refractive index
Emitter-current-limited injection in negative-mobility semiconductors in the limit of zero doping
Updating method for LU factorisation

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