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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 6, 23 March 1972

Volume 8, Issue 6

23 March 1972

Microwave 2nd-harmonic generator of high conversion efficiency using the nonlinearity of negative resistance in n type GaAs
Stabilising surface-wave devices against temperature variations
Improved algorithm for the construction of minimal spanning trees
New type of analogue multiplier with wide dynamic range
New concept in electrostatic rotation
1.06 μm absorption coefficients of deuterated KDP with 70–100% deuteration
Simple broadband cylindrical antenna with quasidistributed capacitive loading
Multiaxis radial circuit for transferred-electron devices
Simple circuit to double the output-voltage swing of an operational amplifier with increased slew rate
Comment on ‘Can a pulse excitation smaller than kT be detected?’
Simple sensitivity formulas in terms of immittance parameters
Second-order recursive digital-filter element for poles near the unit circle and the real z axis
Beryllium 100 ns acoustic delay line
Maximally flat nonrecursive digital filters
F.M.-noise and bias-current fluctuations of a silicon Pd-n-p+ microwave oscillator
Application of the method of potential functions to fault diagnosis
Apparent-mobility measurements corrected for liquid-motion effects
Effects of semiuniform losses in reactance 2-ports
Rectangular backfire antenna with dielectric surface-wave structure
Simple resonator method for measuring dispersion of microstrip
High-efficiency c.w. operation of ‘anomalous’ indium-phosphide microwave oscillators

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