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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 5, 9 March 1972

Volume 8, Issue 5

9 March 1972

Gain and noise figure of GaAs transferred-electron amplifiers at 34 GHz
Paraboloidal-reflector illumination with conical scalar horns
Ternary pseudonoise sequences
Some Boolean matrix operators
Delay-stabilised variable oscillator
Frequency-stability improvement in a klystron stabilised by a superconducting cavity
Junction-temperature measurement of IMPATT diodes
Modification of Gunn instabilities in coplanar diodes by variation of the contact depth
Even-and odd-mode guide wavelengths of coupled lines in microstrip
Suppression of Gunn-domain oscillations in thin GaAs diodes with dielectric surface loading
Stability theory for thin Gunn diodes with dielectric surface loading
Synchronous detuned microwave-oscillator power combiners
Acoustic-surface-wave properties of Bi12GeO20
Natural phase compensation in continuously wound delay lines using a split-core configuration
Dependence of transverse spreading velocity of a high-field domain in a GaAs bulk element on the bias electric field
22 μs S band delay line
Direct method of obtaining capacitance from finite-element matrices
Active RC realisation of rational immittances
Implementation of 2-dimensional Walsh transforms for pattern recognition
Improved coupled-line microstrip circuit for L and S band oscillators
Noise performance of InP reflection amplifiers in Q band
Partitioning of Boolean functions by variable complementation

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