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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 4, 24 February 1972

Volume 8, Issue 4

24 February 1972

Frequency-dependent behaviour of an acoustic-surface-wave multistrip coupler
Analysis of propagation in ridge guides for acoustic surface waves
Verification of reduced-state tables based on the pseudoequivalent merging technique
Heuristic bounds for the frequency of digital oscillators due to quantisation noise
Component placement through graph partitioning in computer-aided printed-wiring-board design
Exact large-signal lumped-network representation of a semiconductor
Microwave attenuation at 35.8 GHz due to rainfall
Electric-field profile and current control of a long epitaxial GaAs n layer
New results of an experimental sampling system for recording fast single events
Digital multiplex telephone transmission system using statistical properties of speech
Microwave attenuation due to rain at 110 GHz in south-east England
Resonant-cap structures for IMPATT diodes
General iterative array
Restrictions on equivalent-network transformations imposed by the continuous method
High-resolution pattern replication using soft X rays
Electrical behaviour of p Ge-n ZnSe heterojunctions
Microwave coherent demodulator for phase-shift-keyed signals
Matched filtering using tapped bucket-brigade delay lines
Mapping eddy currents using a resistance network

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