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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 26, 28 December 1972

Volume 8, Issue 26

28 December 1972

1/4 W continuous-wave Q band Gunn oscillator
Active RC realisation of a 3rd-order lowpass Butterworth characteristic
Display of microwave pulse response via the real-time Fourier transform of the transfer function
Transition probabilities of digitally filtered equal-length m sequences
Simple lossless feed networks for array antennas
Construction of the fundamental circuit matrix from a given tree set
Memory characteristics of p type-germanium/n type-cadmium-sulphide heterojunctions
Surface-resistance measurements of thin conducting films at 10 GHz
Wide-range temperature compensation by addition of two crystal-resonator frequencies: application to quartz and LiTaO3
Measurements of the influence of the nd product on the Gunn effect
Simple approach to the design of interface networks for acoustic-surface-wave filters
Digital-filter representation of the correction term for high-frequency zeros in the glottal-vocal-tract spectrum

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