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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 24, 30 November 1972

Volume 8, Issue 24

30 November 1972

Minimum-power waveform-generation circuit technique
Testing switching networks for short-circuit faults
Fundamental, harmonic and subharmonic locking phenomena in negative-resistance oscillators
Elmore's definition of risetime
Josephson junctions with 1 μm dimensions and with picosecond switching times
Field-effect-transistor-bridge multiplier-divider
Determination of the velocity/field characteristic for n type indium phosphide from dipole-domain measurements
Computation of element patterns of an E plane sectoral-horn planar phased array
Effect of contact resistance on Gunn-diode risetimes
Time-division implementation of digital-network sensitivities
Mobility parameters and metal-oxidesemiconductor-transistor properties
Lithium-niobate-silicon surface-wave convoluter
Correlation-function display and peak detection
Erratum: Pole assignment in linear control systems
Erratum: New definition of multiple-root sensitivity

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