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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 23, 16 November 1972

Volume 8, Issue 23

16 November 1972

Triple-transit suppression in surface-acoustic-wave devices
Two-dimensional analysis of planar diffusion
Generation of surface acoustic waves using the electrostrictive effect
Realisation of polynomials as driving-point admittances
Use of a Luenberger observer to control the numerator and denominator of a transfer function
Probability distribution of the crosscorrelation function of finite-duration single-bit random waveforms
High-power avalanche IMPATT reflection amplifier using the Rucker combining circuit
Study of higher-order modes in a microstrip structure
Accumulation transit mode in transferred-electron oscillators
Actively compensated parametric amplifiers — some further results
Dispersion in low-loss liquid-core optical fibres
Microwave performance of glass-ceramic/copper encapsulations
Filaments as optical waveguides in gallium-arsenide lasers
Lowpass-bandpass transformation for active RC filters
Rapid detection and measurement of 3-phase reactive power, power and power factor
Method for efficient computation of performance contours
Improvement in open-resonator permittivity measurement
Regulated self-oscillating convertor with auxiliary feedback circuit
Band-to-band auger recombination and carrier-carrier scattering in power rectifiers
Temperature-stable low-loss microwave filters using dielectric resonators
Decoding of triple-error-correcting b.c.h. codes

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