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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 21, 19 October 1972

Volume 8, Issue 21

19 October 1972

50 GHz gallium-arsenide IMPATT oscillator
Specifications of threshold-logic gates for optimum s.s.i. logic packaging
Fluctuations in noise level
Numerical analysis of simultaneous diffusion of several impurities in silicon and silicon dioxide
Inverse of elements of a Galois field
Cadmium-doped indium-phosphide light-emitting diode
Piezoelectric surface-wave calculations in multilayered anisotropic media
New active RC configuration for realising a medium-selectivity notch filter
Simple multifrequency-tone detector
Generalised interdigital helical filter
Study of pulse distortion in Selfoc fibres
Dispersion in a low-loss multimode fibre measured at three wavelengths
Effects of geometrical parameters of a microstrip on its dispersive properties
Floating-point and multibit-increment digital-differential-analyser structures

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