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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 20, 5 October 1972

Volume 8, Issue 20

5 October 1972

Apodised surface-wave transducers
Calculation of characteristics of embedded coupled microstrip lines with finite thickness
Logic array using charge-transfer devices
New definition of multiple-root sensitivity
Geometric criterion for the absence of limit cycles in nonlinear control systems
Improved microwave-transistor structure
Effect of process variables on the microwave conductivity of thick-film conductors
Small-signal noise behaviour of companion p+-n-p+ and p+-n-v-p+ punchthrough microwave diodes
Computer-aided placement for high-density chip-interconnection systems
Comment on ‘Design of optimal-control systems with prescribed closed-loop poles’
Pole assignment in linear control systems
First-order parameter sensitivities of nonlinear device models
Conductive contacting spheres on the centre of the broad wall of rectangular waveguides
Simplified method for synthesis of distributed resistance networks
Amplitude dependence of frequency in oscillators
Novel method for numerical analysis of electron trajectories in electrostatic fields of implicit functional forms
Erratum: Active realisation of nth-order all-pass transfer functions

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