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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 19, 21 September 1972

Volume 8, Issue 19

21 September 1972

Switching properties of m.n.o.s. memory transistors
Accurate algorithm for temperature calculation of devices in nonlinear-circuit-analysis programs
Unidirectional dipole antenna
Multifrequency version of pseudodiagonalisation
Simple small primary feed for large opening angles and high aperture efficiency
Noise properties of the injection-limited Gunn diode
Broadband bulk-wave cancellation in acoustic-surface-wave devices
1000 bit surface-wave matched filter
Vertical-aerial CIGRÉ-type lightning-flash counter
Effect of field-dependent mobility on m.o.s. transistor characteristics
Glass-ceramic-copper microwave encapsulations and mountings
Transfer efficiency of the CCITT error-protection method
Weighted interdigital transducers for smoothing of ripples in acoustic-surface-wave bandpass filters
Microwave measurement of surface conductivity and permittivity of thin layers in an E010 resonator
Synthesis of hysteresis-free nonlinear sharp-cutoff filters
Microwave phase shifting with gain using IMPATT diodes
Generation of directed cotrees formulated in Wang's algebra
Erratum: Multiloop mixer circuits
Erratum: Image-cancelling mixers
Erratum: Locating an oscillating magnetic dipole in the earth

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