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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 17, 24 August 1972

Volume 8, Issue 17

24 August 1972

Parametric interaction of acoustic-surface wedge waves
Experimental determination of ion density trapped by electron beam
Correction of diffraction errors in acoustic-surface-wave pulse-compression filters
Series-parallel RLC synthesis without minimisation for a class of biquadratic impedances
Automatic measurement of microwave-cavity parameters using stable sampled control loops
Two-parameter dimensional analysis applied to the derivation of sensitivity invariants
Interpretation of the preswitching behaviour of chalcogenide-glass switches in terms of a space-charge-injection mechanism
Bonded planar structures for efficient surface-wave devices
Null placing in radiation patterns by shaping antenna edges
Dynamic data storage at a 1 GHz bit rate
Algorithm applicable to logic-circuit synthesis
Permuting network and its use in automatic patching for hybrid and analogue computers
Variable-bandwidth frequency-modulation chirp pulse compression using a longitudinal acoustic-wave convolver at 1.3 GHz
Thermal analysis of preswitching characteristics of a thin-film amorphous-chalcogenide switch
Bucket-brigade bandwidth characteristics
High-sequency Walsh-function generation

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