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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 16, 10 August 1972

Volume 8, Issue 16

10 August 1972

Large-time-bandwidth-product surface-wave pulse compressor employing reflective gratings
Surface-state density at the (hydrogen-chloride) oxide-silicon interface
Locating an oscillating magnetic dipole in the earth
External-Q factor measurement of an oscillator by the injection locking ellipse
Low-attenuation characteristics of dielectric-lined waveguide
Spectra of a frequency-shift-keyed signal amplitude-modulated by a sinusoidal wave
Suboptimal estimation of the parameters of discrete systems in the presence of correlated noise
Characteristic equations of optimal linear multivariable control systems
Performance improvement of amplitude-constrained minimum-variance controller by minimising sum of variance
Radiation characteristics of dielectric cones
Evaluation of the determinants of cascade-connected Coates and Mason graphs
Some results of testing m.o.s. transistors at elevated temperatures
Small-signal admittance of the insulator-n type-gallium-arsenide interface region
Use of a sampling oscilloscope for velocity measurements and frequency comparisons of impulse acoustic surface waves
Critical comparison of Niki's method for finding the optimum overrelaxation factor with Carré's method
Numerical computation of the phase velocity of current on an infinite helix
New bipolar analogue multiplier
High-power microwave amplifier using IMPATT diodes
Erratum: Level-shift compensation in m.o.s. bucket-brigade circuits operated in an analogue mode

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