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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 15, 27 July 1972

Volume 8, Issue 15

27 July 1972

Active Q switching technique for producing high laser power in a single longitudinal mode
Realisation of a high-efficiency electrodischarge-machining power supply
Analysis of a dispersionfree guide for elastic waves
Electron transfer in indium phosphide
New low-loss liquid-core fibre waveguide
Current/voltage characteristics of Josephson junctions
Relation between the delay at direct current and Elmore's delay
Simulation of Pt-n-p+ silicon punchthrough device
Long-term step response of a chain of a.c.-coupled amplifiers
Hilbert-transform description of linear filtering
Two properties for circuit sensitivity in terms of scattering parameters
Design of Cassegrain antennas employing dielectric cone feeds
Bipartite communication networks with optimal connectivity
Tropospheric effects on design of line-of-sight space-diversity system
Evaluating the matrix exponential
Effect of temperature on the base resistance and the noise factor of a bipolar junction transistor
Design for a high-speed m.o.s. associative memory
Minimisation of incompletely specified switching functions
Mode conversion using circumferentially corrugated cylindrical waveguide
Cylindrical antennas with constant capacitive loading
Error correction in code-division-multiplex systems
Active realisation of nth-order all-pass transfer functions
Erratum: Characteristics of high-contrast bromide-sodalite storage displays with selective erasure

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