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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 12, 15 June 1972

Volume 8, Issue 12

15 June 1972

X band n+-p-p+ IMPATT diodes
Effects associated with radiation in coupled halfwave open-circuit microstrip resonators
Synchronisation acquisition and data transfer utilising a programmable surface-acoustic-wave analogue matched filter
Resonance splitting in nonuniform ring resonators
Microstrip bandpass filter using degenerate modes of a microstrip ring resonator
Easily integrable very-low-sensitivity active RC filter
New measurement method of Gunn-diode impedance
Gridistor: field-effect transistor for an ultra-high-frequency power amplifier
GaAs acoustic-surface-wave propagation losses at 1 GHz
Measurement of broadening of pulses in glass fibres
Application of intensity-modulated light by an ultrasonic light modulator to the optical signal processor
New technique for the suppression of triple-transit signals in surface-acoustic-wave delay lines
Computation of switching functions using input-pattern-conserving magnetic-bubble manipulations
Acoustic-surface-wave convolution on crystals of CdS, LiNbO3 and Bi12GeO20
Class of communication networks with optimal connectivity
Pyroelectric detector application to baseband pulse measurements
Erratum: Acoustic-surface-wave properties of Bi12GeO20

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