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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 11, 1 June 1972

Volume 8, Issue 11

1 June 1972

Fourier-subtractive holographic imaging of microwave-antenna apertures
Characteristics of high-contrast bromide-sodalite storage displays with selective erasure
Phase characteristics of microwave avalanche-diode amplifiers
Stability circle criterion with spatial harmonic linearisation for nonlinear distributed-parameter systems
International comparison of coaxial power standards at 3.030 GHz
Rainfall crosspolarisation of linearly and circularly polarised waves at microwave frequencies
Class of optimal damage-resistant communication nets
Level-shift compensation in m.o.s. bucket-brigade circuits operated in an analogue mode
Stability properties of some RC active realisations
Temperature-independent low-voltage wide-bandwidth optical modulators
Fusion junctions for glass-fibre waveguides
Absorption mode for e.l.f. electromagnetic propagation in the Earth-crust waveguide
Transient magnetic fields produced by a step-function-excited loop buried in the earth
Absorption rates of u.l.f. modes guided in the Earth's crust
Erratum: Dielectric loading of corrugated waveguides

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