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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 10, 18 May 1972

Volume 8, Issue 10

18 May 1972

Lateral displacement of log-periodic paraboloid feed
Improved method for calculation of Fourier coefficients of a function given at a set of arbitrary points
Waveguide analysis by random walks
Spectra of digital f.m. after filtering and hard limiting
Computer study of submicrometre f.e.t.s
Digital linear interpolator
Determination of a nonlinear parameter for acoustic-surface-wave convolution in LiNbO3
Theoretical calculations on the effect of temperature on the operation of an IMPATT diode
Propagation model for multimode optical-fibre waveguide
Novel mode filter for use with cladded-glass and liquid-core optical waveguides
Outline designs for stable continuous-time fixed-lag smoothers
Prebreakdown current and charge flow in long positive point-plane gaps with impulse-voltage waves having times to crest in the range 15–1200 μs
Rayleigh-wave delay line using two grating-array transducers at 2.55 GHz
Properties of the generalised inverse matrix in the electrical-network problem
Transformations of linear-graph theory in multivariable-system problems
Open terminations for periodic structures
High-efficiency operation of transferred-electron devices in the hybrid mode
Attenuation in wall-impedance waveguides: a new approach
Measurements of s.h.f. tropospheric fading along Earth-space paths at low elevation angles

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