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Electronics Letters

Volume 8, Issue 1, 13 January 1972

Volume 8, Issue 1

13 January 1972

RLC-ladder-realisable class of minimum-resistive bicubic impedances
Negative-resistance switching effect in polycrystalline ceramic yttrium-iron-garnet
Compact transient-analysis program
Passivity constraints on mixer-diode coefficients
Acoustic-surface-wave propagation on gallium arsenide
Reflecting trackchanger: new acoustic-surface-wave component for folding long delay lines onto small substrates
Sequential generalised array
High-efficiency microwave generation in InP
Novel type of m.i.c. symmetrical 3-port circulator
Metal-nitride-oxide-silicon-capacitor arrays as electrical and optical stores
Linear-regulator problem with special control constraint
Improved technique for the preparation of GaxAl1−xAs electroluminescent diodes
Synthesis of combinational logic-sequence controllers
Class of Hamiltonian-partitionable networks
Erratum: Variable-gradient method for adaptive equaliser
Erratum: Fast algorithms for continuous estimation of mean value of a random variable

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