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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 7, 8 April 1971

Volume 7, Issue 7

8 April 1971

Linear amplification using envelope feedback
Tunable Gunn oscillator by semiconductor surface loading
Zero-point fluctuations and thermal-noise standards
Elliptic resonator and its use in microcircuit systems
InP pulsed and c.w. millimetre-wave oscillators
Amplitude stabilisation of a varactor frequency multiplier using self-bias resistance compensation
Frequency stabilisation of a reflex-klystron oscillator by a superconducting cavity
Large-signal theory for rectangular-voltage operation of a uniform avalanche zone in IMPATT diodes
Concerning the electric strength of solid argon
Sensitivity calculations of ladder networks by using continuants
Extension to the method of Anderson and Luenberger for eigenvalue assignment
Current-induced resistor noise not attributable entirely to fluctuations of conductivity
Noise in IMPATT oscillator at large r.f. amplitudes
Transistor S parameter measurement: corrections for 2-port common-electrode impedance and the corresponding 2-port to 3-port transforms
Simple proof of the Hsu-Chen theorem

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