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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 4, 25 February 1971

Volume 7, Issue 4

25 February 1971

Effect of oxide-layer thickness on the speed of m.n.o.s. transistors
New high-power magnetically tunable microwave filter
Varactor-tuned X band Gunn oscillator using lumped thin-film circuits
Numerical-integration procedures in transistor-analysis computer programs
Filtering applications in static distance comparators
Identification of a group of internal signals of zero-memory nonlinear systems
Far-field sector scanning using a sampled multielement ultrasonic receiving array
Calculation of steady-state response of linear system to periodic sampled signal
Digital simulation of nonlinear dynamic systems using standard FORTRAN
Approximate eigenvalues for a circular rod of arbitrary relative permittivity
Noise reduction in bulk negative-resistance amplifiers
Frequency of combination tones
Dependence of linewidth in hexagonal planar ferrites on angle between magnetostatic field and easy plane
Noise-factor dependence on mismatch of low-level r.f. signal
Method for the efficient computation of the large-change sensitivity of linear nonreciprocal networks
Pulse response of 0°Z cut ADP modulators

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