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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 24, 2 December 1971

Volume 7, Issue 24

2 December 1971

Calculation of the average average reframing time for digital transmission systems employing a 1-frame-delay method of reframing
Comment on ‘Correction of errors in aerial far-field radiation-pattern determinations’
Frequency dependence of negative-capacitance effects observed in amorphous semiconductor thin-film devices
Calculation of attenuation of dielectric-rod waveguides
Multifunction active RC circuit with grounded capacitors
Memory minimisation in control with stochastic automata
Contact effects in Gunn diodes
Small-signal equivalent π networks for carrier generation–recombination–trapping at imperfection centres in semiconductors
Two-dimensional analysis of j.f.e.t. structures containing a low-conductivity substrate
Numerical method for the statistical design of computer control systems
Real factorisation of noncyclic-convolution operators with application to fast convolution
Binary-b.c.d. convertor for fractional numbers
Theoretical computations on ridge acoustic surface waves using the finite-element method
Comparison of the microwave velocity/field characteristics of n type InP and n type GaAs
Computer comparison of n+pp+ and p+nn+ junction silicon diodes for IMPATT oscillators
Natural pattern clustering in digital learning nets
Design of a state-feedback controller with a maximum forcing-function specification
Single-receiver diversity system for reducing the effect of fast fading in mobile radio
High-speed molybdenum-gate m.o.s.t. shift register
Adjacent-channel interference in f.s.k. transmission

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