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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 22, 4 November 1971

Volume 7, Issue 22

4 November 1971

Surface-acoustic-wave reflectors
Space-diversity reception for v.h.f. mobile radio
Low-noise room-temperature wideband parametric amplifiers
Simple design for UP/DOWN Gray-code counters
Influence of a transmission line on the noise spectra of cavity-stabilised oscillators
Dual-gate gallium-arsenide microwave field-effect transistor
Estimating frequency-response function using periodic signals and the f.f.t.
Decoding of b.c.h. codes
Nonbinary negacyclic code which exceeds Berlekamp's (p–1)/2 bound
Efficiency of a stepped reflector when fed from an off-axis source
Noise measure of metal-semiconductor–metal Schottky-barrier microwave diodes
Radiation patterns of paraboloid with log-periodic dipole feed
Gain of narrow-flare-angle scalar feed with arbitrary length
Realisation of impedances Kpn
Narrow-bandwidth Rayleigh-wave filters

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