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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 2, 28 January 1971

Volume 7, Issue 2

28 January 1971

Drift cancellation in a d.c.-coupled computing amplifier
Dyadic modal control of multi-input time-invariant linear systems
New transformations in signal-flow graphs
Inversion of modal matrices
Pole sensitivity to coefficient rounding in digital filters with multiple shift sequences
Operation of transferred-electron oscillators in the ridge-waveguide circuit
Surface currents on conducting triangular prisms
Further note on fast generation of spherical Bessel functions with complex arguments
Reflection of an impulsive plane wave by a magnetoionic half space
Method of testing p.c.m. encoders and decoders by a level-at-a-time process
Nonlinear metal resistors
Delayed versions of linear binary sequences
F.m. noise measurements on silicon IMPATT oscillators
Stability of parametric networks
Experimental characterisation of avalanche-diode reflection amplifiers and locked oscillators
Extension of Chang-Chang's method to analysis of generalised multilayer and multiconductor transmission-line system
Mathematical 2-dimensional model of semiconductor devices
Performance of InP 3-level oscillators in K and Q bands: 18–40 GHz
Comparison of attenuation statistics at 19 and 37 GHz for Sun-Earth paths
Off-axis launching into a fibre-optical waveguide
Network sensitivities in terms of scattering parameters
Pulse-rate exponential function generator
Digital filtering using logarithmic arithmetic
Equaliser for digital communication
Erratum: Describing function of the diurnal variation of ionospheric nondeviative absorption

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