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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 19, 23 September 1971

Volume 7, Issue 19

23 September 1971

On the polarisation of radiation from double-heterostructure injection lasers
Surface-wave delay lines with near-octave bandwidth
Analysis of a 2-terminal negative resistance
Eigenvalue assignment in linear multivariable systems
Transmission parameters of a class of coupled distributed networks
Stabilisation mechanism for ‘supercritical’ transferred-electron amplifiers
Application of point-matching method to scattering from quadrilateral cylinders
Generalised star graphs
Mount-independent equivalent circuit of the S4 diode package
Resonant techniques for establishing the equivalent circuits of small discontinuities in microstrip
High-field-current instabilities in InP
RLC-ladder-network synthesis: signal-flow-graph approach
Model stability in use of moments to estimate pulse transfer functions
Microcomputer interfacing module
Maximally flat approximations to the ideal filter as hypergeometric functions
P.c.m. nonlinear counting encoder
Calculation of generalised secondary-electron coefficients between coaxial cylinders
Scattering from a turbulent rocket-exhaust jet illuminated by a plane wave
Scattering from a turbulent rocket-exhaust jet illuminated by a focused microwave beam
Erratum: Computer analysis for the various-order sensitivity coefficients in frequency domain
Erratum: Method for the computation of higher-order sensitivity coefficients for a linear network: frequency-domain case
Erratum: Simple negative-impedance convertor

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