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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 15, 29 July 1971

Volume 7, Issue 15

29 July 1971

Direct-current surface breakdown of porcelain insulators in vacuum at elevated temperatures
Theory of v.o.r. antenna radiation patterns
Synthesis of RC networks containing operational amplifiers using flowgraph techniques
Two methods for the construction of transfer functions of digital integrators
Calculation of derivatives for parameter estimation
High-harmonic content in trapped-plasma-mode oscillators
Electromagnetic surface waves in a metallised ferrite slab
Comment on the speed of binary multiplication using cellular arrays
Enumeration of independent meshes of an oriented graph
Nondestructive optical technique for electrically testing insulated-gate integrated circuits
Circuit characterisation of waveguide-mounted Gunn-effect oscillators
Cellular multiplier for signed binary numbers
Three-level transferred-electron effects in InP
High-level asymptotic variation of transistor base resistance and current gain
Computer-aided design of suboptimal feedback controllers using optimal low-order models
Multiplier–divider cellular array
Erratum: Digital simulation of nonlinear dynamic systems using standard FORTRAN
Erratum: Inclusion of diffusion in the space-charge theory of Kino and Robson
Erratum: Determination of aerial far-field radiation patterns from near-field measurements

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