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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 13, 1 July 1971

Volume 7, Issue 13

1 July 1971

Evaluation of transient response using state variables
Ion oscillations in a cold positive-ion electron-beam thermal electron plasma
Relationship between spinwave linewidth ΔHk and the effective linewidth ΔHeff in ferrites
Separation technique for repetitive analysis of electrical networks
Cellular array for extracting square roots (floating-point number)
Topological restrictions on sources for solvability of lumped networks
Dispersion characteristics of slot lines
Optimal selection of controller parameters using second method of Lyapunov
Partial-fraction expansion of the transfer-function matrix
Comment on ‘Practical technique for the successive-overrelaxation method’
Authors' reply to ‘Comment on Practical technique for the successive-overrelaxation method’
Simplified variance calculation for parameter estimates in the presence of coloured noise
Sensitivity performance of threshold-logic gates using Chow parameters
Low-frequency current oscillations observed with high-resistivity nonohmic GaAs devices
Mutual interference between linear crosspolarised radio channels at 11 GHz
Investigation of the effects of precipitation on parabolic antennas employing linear orthogonal polarisation at 11 GHz
Sequential generation of binary orthogonal functions
Self-phasing aerial array for f.m. communication links
Frequency locking an HCN laser to a molecular absorption line
Phase-locking millimetre-wave klystrons for the measurement of submillimetre laser frequencies

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