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Electronics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 12, 17 June 1971

Volume 7, Issue 12

17 June 1971

Rainfall attenuation at 110 and 890 GHz
Necessary and sufficient conditions for system similarity
Computation of surface-waveguide modes by use of reactance boundary conditions
Calculation of piecewise-constant control strategies for linear systems with retarded control
Gain of standard horns
Electronic error compensation of a current transformer
Property of cosets and its application to the calculation of moments of binary sequences having multipliers
Determination of self-excited and transient oscillations in nonlinear control systems by the control area
Evaluation of 2-trees of a graph
Carrier-recombination statistics in a 2-level trapping system
State-feedback controller with linear predictor for systems with dead time
High-pressure pulsed carbon-dioxide laser with uniform excitation
Time-domain model of the device/circuit characteristics of a TRAPPAT-plasma mode avalanche-diode oscillator
Cascade decomposition of linear time-varying difference operators
Contribution of the surface effects on the white noise of silicon bipolar transistors
Two-dimensional surface-wave diffraction from an arbitrary source in an anisotropic medium
Rapid pulse-frequency-number convertor
F.m. noise in an injection-locked oscillator when reverse locking exists
Behaviour of automata in a nonstationary random environment
Passive N-path-filter realisation
Scattering-matrix measurements on 3-port electronic circulators
Difference methods for the solution of the time-dependent semiconductor flow equations

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