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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 8, 16 April 1970

Volume 6, Issue 8

16 April 1970

Calculating step and impulse responses of networks
Parallel cellular floating-point multiplier
High-speed gallium-arsenide Schottky-barrier field-effect transistors
Fused logic: improved universal element and a trainable and gate
Recent developments in magnetic levitation
More rigorous proof of the thermal-noise formula for double injection diodes for ωτ ≫ 1
Novel static Ward Leonard system
Factorisation result for optimal discrete-time systems
Signal-injection triggering of X band Gunn oscillators for f.s.k. operation
Linearisation of nonlinear systems
Multidimensional BIFORE transform
Van der Graaf's equivalent circuits for series and shunt modulators
Subharmonically injected phase-locked IMPATT-oscillator experiments
Novel ratemeter with very wide range
Note on the radiation associated with the excitation of an open resonator
High-speed phase and amplitude modulation of Gunn oscillators
Varactor-tuned Gunn-effect oscillators
A.M. noise of IMPATT-diode oscillators
Lyapunov matrix equation with complex matrices
Compensation of injection-laser excess noise by means of an external modulator
Comment: Synthesis of asymptotically stable linear time-invariant closed-loop systems incorporating multivariable 3-term controllers
Lowpass digital filters with linear phase
Aerial noise-temperature variations due to atmospheric changes at frequencies of 3.95, 11.75, and 17 GHz
Fully iterative array for extracting square roots
Complex BIFORE transform
Admittance measurements through nonuniform transmission lines
Surface-wave radiation from a corrugated horn
Use of high-relative-permittivity materials in high-delay coaxial lines
Multiform total symmetry and parity functions
Surface waves at ferrite-metal boundaries
Signal flowgraphs solved by graph-expansion algorithm
Rapid generation of Bessel functions required for solutions to engineering problems
Erratum: Method of generating low-sensitivity RC active circuits

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