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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 7, 2 April 1970

Volume 6, Issue 7

2 April 1970

Determination of engine firing rate from the acoustic waveform
Electromagnetic differential flowmeter
Spectrum analysis of ionospheric radar returns
Limits of validity of the 1-dimensional approach in space-charge-wave and Gunn-effect theories
Degradation mechanism of m.o.s. structures and transistors under ionising radiation
Realisability conditions of cascaded and shunt noncommensurable element networks
Change of error criterion in mean square optimisation
High-dynamic-range low-noise microwave amplifier
Theory for high-efficiency oscillations in silicon avalanche diodes
Effects of changes in operating conditions on the phase of a frequency-locked Gunn oscillator in X band
Interface states in the silicon/silicon-oxide system observed by thermally stimulated charge release
Optimal synthesis of an RC active filter
Measurement of the attenuation coefficient of inhomogeneous dielectric-filled cables using the standing-wave technique
Small-signal 2-terminal impedance of a thin Gunn diode
Partial-fraction expansion of transfer-function matrix with one multiple eigenvalue
Degradation of the oscillator performance of read diodes due to space-charge and series resistances
Evaluation of largest or smallest zero of a polynomial
Stability and transient behaviour of active 2-poles
Discrete Fourier and Hadamard transforms

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