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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 5, 5 March 1970

Volume 6, Issue 5

5 March 1970

Relationship between controllability and closed-loop system-matrix assignment
Current fluctuations caused by frequency variations in Gunn diodes
Resistive parametric mixing in GaAs oscillators at microwave frequencies
Commutative controller: a new technique for the design of multivariable control systems
Characteristic impedances of coupled strip transmission lines
Networks for annulling gain and delay inequalities
Nonlinear analysis of a balanced diode modulator
Theory of 1/f noise in bipolar silicon planar transistors
End effect in parallel-coupled transmission-line filters
Stability of model-reference systems with random impulsive inputs
Cellular fixed-point/floating-point convertor
Feasibility of using digital filters to interconnect p.c.m. and f.d.m. transmission systems
Microcircuit learning nets: Hamming-distance behaviour
Elimination of time delay from shaft-position or speed transducer outputs
Some observations on the writing-speed performance of cathodochromic cathode-ray tubes
Varactor-tuned Gunn-effect oscillator
Observation of low-frequency oscillations in gallium-arsenide avalanche diodes
Electro-optic relaxation effect in ZnS
Method of reducing the f.m. threshold using a tracking N-path filter
Economic linear-phase recursive digital filters
External current-waveform measurements of high-efficiency oscillations in silicon avalanche diodes
Erratum: Propagation characteristics of inhomogeneous dielectric-filled coaxial cables
Erratum: Least pth and minimax objectives for automated network design
Erratum: Magnetostatic surface modes of a y.i.g. slab

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