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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 4, 19 February 1970

Volume 6, Issue 4

19 February 1970

Novel technique for improving the frequency stability of Gunn oscillators
General sensitivity-reduction criterion for single-input multiple-output systems
Transition ratio of lowpass digital filters
Probability-density functions of summed m sequences
Inversion of complex matrices
Conductivity of electrically switching chalcogenide glass
Formulation for a generalised network in terms of the Hamiltonian energy function
Discrete optimal feedback control of blending processes
Method of generating low-sensitivity RC active circuits
Diversity of modulation—a new concept in communication technology
Hakim-theory transfer-function sensitivity
X band Gunn oscillators triggered by baseband Gunn diodes
Lossless multiports with terminations in synthesis problems
Frequency multiplication using the properties of an angle-modulated wave
Enumeration of trees of a graph
Enumeration of all circuits or cutsets of a graph
Improving the efficiency of Laplace-transform inversion for network analysis
Ground-wave attenuation function for a Gaussian modulated carrier signal
Current/voltage characteristics, channel pinchoff and field dependence of carrier velocity in silicon insulated-gate field-effect transistors
Performance of a d.p.s.k. detector when presented with a distorted signal plus filtered Gaussian noise
Synthesis of lowpass lc ladder networks
Comments on ‘Simplified model for avalanche-resonance-pumped semiconductor diodes’ [and reply]
Erratum: New equivalent circuit of the p-n junction in the frequency-multiplying mode
Erratum: N-path filter sections with biquadratic transfer functions
Erratum: Simple notch filter using a negative-impedance convertor

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