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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 3, 5 February 1970

Volume 6, Issue 3

5 February 1970

Simple method for the variational analysis of a generalised N-dielectric-layer transmission line
Method of obstacle admittance measurement in below-cutoff waveguides
Sampled-data precorrection for zero-order hold distortion
D.C. numerical model for arbitrarily biased bipolar transistors in two dimensions
Existence of an overshoot in the step-function response of a linear circuit
Optimum subharmonic pumping frequency for parametric tunnel-diode memory arrays
Program for obtaining exact sensitivity functions
Equivalent circuit for injection-locked negative-resistance oscillators
Preswitching behaviour of amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor films
Possibility of application of the Zener diode as a hydrostatic pressure gauge
Cellular logical array for nonrestoring square-root extraction
Frequency response of input impedance implies the distribution of discontinuities of a transmission-line system
Continuously adaptive echo cancellers
High-efficiency oscillations in gallium-arsenide avalanche diodes
Generalisation of Zubov's construction procedure for Lyapunov functions
Inversion of the nodal-admittance matrix in symbolic form
Approximate method for the discretisation of continous linear multivariable systems
Phase-variable canonical form for time-varying multivariable systems
Simple method of closed-loop system-matrix assignment
Moment equations for stochastic distributed-parameter processes
Formulation of the state equations by signal-flow graphs
Erratum: Proposed high-efficiency spherical-reflector antenna
Erratum: General expression for the group delay of digital filters

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