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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 26, 31 December 1970

Volume 6, Issue 26

31 December 1970

Conversion-loss stability and gain compression in Schottky-barrier mixers
Decoupling a multivariable discrete-time system
Calculation of piecewise-constant control strategies for linear time-invariant systems
Computer simulation of nonlinear inductors with hysteresis
Two-tree admittance products
Enumeration of 2-trees of a graph
Simple technique for the prediction of dissipation-induced loss distortion
Liquid-crystal light valves
Class-BD amplifier circuit
Discrete-time control using the quadratic performance index, implicit model following and the specific optimal policy
Directional optimisation of a quadratic Lyapunov function
Some new properties of forward-biased emitter-base junction of gigahertz silicon transistors
Noise in Gunn-oscillators depending on surface of Gunn diode
New minimax objective for automated system design
Circuit representation of avalanche region of IMPATT diodes for different carrier velocities and ionisation rates of electrons and holes
Permalloy thin-film inductors
L.S.A. microstrip phase-locked power amplifier
Change of the fading characteristics of reputed steady targets as a function of sea state in a marine-radar environment
Image approximation for quasistatic fields over a 2-layer conductor
Buildup behaviour of IMPATT oscillators in linear and nonlinear ranges
Convergence of adaptive equaliser for data transmission
Application of continued-fraction method for modelling transfer functions to give more accurate initial transient response
Autocorrelation functions arising in analysis of narrowband systems and their representation in terms of characteristic function
Optoelectronic transfer of information from a rotating shaft

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