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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 25, 10 December 1970

Volume 6, Issue 25

10 December 1970

Dependence of admittance of plasma capacitor on electron collection
Ground-wave propagation at medium and low frequencies
Eigenvalue assignment in multivariable systems incorporating integral feedback
Radiation pattern of imperfect paraboloidal reflectors
Parallel counting of binary patterns
Extension of the inverse Nyquist method
Universal sequential logic elements
Generalisation of a method for system identification using almost periodic functions
Optimisation of electro-optic crystal modulators
Theorem on nonoptimal controls
Computer analysis of the fundamental and higher-order modes in single and coupled microstrip
Mode-controllability matrices of multivariable linear systems incorporating integral feedback
Ion current to a plane probe in a flowing plasma
Measurement of ion density in a plasma torch using a plane probe
Polarisable dielectrics for m.o.s.t.s
Rational approximants to the matrix exponential
Necessary and sufficient conditions for controllability of multivariable systems incorporating integral feedback
Relationship of the Poisson transform to the moment functional transformation
Resistivity calculations for inhomogeneously doped germanium
Comments on ‘Equivalent linear and nonlinear discrete-time systems’
Behaviour of a low-noise microwave f.e.t. at low temperature
Electrical behaviour of networks synchronously switched by thyristors
General renormalisation transforms for 3-port S parameters
Leakage currents, surface current and 1/f noise in planar bipolar transistors
Learning in potential-function classifier

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