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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 23, 12 November 1970

Volume 6, Issue 23

12 November 1970

Simple 4-quadrant analogue multiplier
S.T.T. design of asynchronous sequential counters using ‘unit’ machines
Frequency limitations of 3-level oscillators
Wideband circulator adjustment using the n = ±1 and n = 0 electromagnetic-field patterns
‘Transition equations’ for the analysis and synthesis of sequential circuits
New method of calibrating a network analyser
Rubidium atomic frequency source having small size and fast warm up
Numerical method of investigation for m.o.s.t. structures
Remarks on the concept of equivalent parabolas for Cassegrain antennas
Design of precompensator for decoupling problem
Square-wave Fourier transform
Generalisation of vlach's method for the numerical inversion of the Laplace transform
Efficient power extraction at TRAPATT harmonics
Feedback method for suppressing carrier leak
Propagation characteristics of an optical waveguide with a diffused core boundary
Annealing behaviour of proton-irradiated m.o.s. capacitors
Excitation and propagation of modes of a multilayer fibre
Signal-flow-graph reduction, Mason's rule and the system matrix
Comments on ‘Transmission-line analogue of carrier waves in solids’
Low-cost high-performance reciprocal-law circuit
Simple RC active filters using controlled sources
Digital lead compensator using a b.c.d. rate multiplier
Erratum: Low-noise cryogenic amplifier based on the Josephson effect

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