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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 2, 22 January 1970

Volume 6, Issue 2

22 January 1970

Optical and electronic mixing in an avalanche photodiode
Observability of decoupled time-varying multivariable systems
Graphical analysis of nonlinear sampled-data control-system dynamic behaviour
Synthesis of inductors and gyrators with voltage-controlled voltage sources
Visualisation of surface acoustic waves
Hybrid modes in corrugated conical horns
Transferred-electron negative-resistance amplifier
Analysis and synthesis of cascaded noncommensurable transmission lines, shunted by lumped capacitances
Analysis and synthesis of cascaded noncommensurable Ozaki-Ishii sections
Note on the Hermite-Fujiwara theorem
Microstrip loss calculations
Measurement of d.c. negative resistance in avalanche diodes and its relation to anomalous-mode operation
Spectral analysis of linear digital systems using BIFORE
Drift reduction in wideband d.c. amplifiers by ‘adding the lacking part’
Thermal noise in double-injection space-charge-limited solid-state diodes
Frequency-shift-keyed pulse retiming with Gunn oscillator
Influence of surface metallisation on magnetoelastic surface wave

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