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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 19, 17 September 1970

Volume 6, Issue 19

17 September 1970

Realisation of midseries and midshunt lowpass LC filters
Test of McWhorter's model of low-frequency noise in Si m.o.s.t.s
Remarks on star-mesh transformation of electrical networks
Power transfer between Goubau lines with unequal phase velocities
Influence of metal plate on surface magnetostatic modes of magnetic slab
Synthesis approach to the study of a class of nonlinear systems
Domains and guided electromagnetic waves in GaAs stripline
Suppression of Gunn-effect domain formation by ferrimagnetic materials
State-transition analysis of certain thyristor systems
Circuit realisations of conjunctors and traditors
Method for the generation of sensitivity functions for nonlinear sampled-data systems
Fast generation of spherical Bessel functions with complex arguments
One-step integration method for digital differential analysers
Novel temperature-stable ceramics for microwave dielectric resonators and microstrip substrates
Semiempirical formula for the end-coupled bandpass symmetric stripline filter
Estimation of quantisation and sampling errors in computer-control systems
New approach to triangle-sine-wave generation
Analysis of simplified model relevant to propagation of microwave phonons in y.i.g. rods
Effect of emitter oxide-window-edge shape in computer-simulation studies of ion-implanted transistors
Efficient high-level ‘upconvertor’ for radio link
Random-signal sonar
Inversion of rational polynomial matrices
Modal control of multivariable time-invariant linear systems by output feedback
Formulas for linear optimal control over a finite or infinite interval
Deadzone simulation on an electronic analogue computer
Erratum: Design of nonrecursive digital filters with linear phase

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