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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 18, 3 September 1970

Volume 6, Issue 18

3 September 1970

Mode-propagation in optical waveguides
Possible use of pilot signals to indicate delay distortion in operating f.m.-f.d.m. radio systems
Radiocommunication in mines and tunnels
Influence of eddy currents on switching process of dry reeds
Effect of sheaths on the capacitance of a plane grid capacitor in a plasma
Field-enhanced conductivity effects in thin chalcogenide-glass switches
Current pulses due to discharges in a gaseous cavity in solid dielectric
Accurate tuning of a laser mode-locking device
Radiation from half-wavelength open-circuit microstrip resonators
Hansen–Woodyard condition as applied to Yagi aerials
Error rate for envelope-detected on–off keying in the presence of interference
Low-noise cryogenic amplifier based on the Josephson effect
Location of an irregularity in a microwave array by optical signal processing of its microwave hologram
Efficient calculation of curvature in state and parameter estimation
Testing the controllability of linear time-invariant systems
Extended interpretation of a Steiglitz–Zemanian lemma on positive real functions
Power–impedance calculations for InP and GaAs bulk-negative-resistance oscillators
Relationships between design parameters of very selective filters
Quasi-equispaced slot arrays with extremely low crosspolarisation
Laguerre-transform signal analysis
Buffer-size and waiting-time calculations for random arrivals and periodically regular service
High-frequency equivalent circuits of junction-gate field-effect transistors
Erratum: Theoretical characteristics of a two-terminal negative dynamic resistance
Erratum: Statistics of tropospheric attenuation at 19 GHz from observations of solar noise
Erratum: Current-controlled negative-resistance circuit

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