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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 17, 20 August 1970

Volume 6, Issue 17

20 August 1970

Refraction and reflection of ultrasonic surface waves by thin-gold-film layers on lithium-niobate substrates
Spherical-harmonic expansions in near-field aerial problems
A priori stability guarantee for suboptimal-control designs
Langmuir-probe measurement of electron temperature in a flowing high-density plasma
Attenuation of dispersive Rayleigh waves on quartz
On Wu's theory of microstrip
Adaptifon system for telephony — an alternative implementation of the Lincompex concept
Determination of the noise parameters of a linear 2-port
Decreasing antenna beamwidth with increasing scan angle
Stopping conditions for iterative control-function optimisation
Applicability of Kirchhoff integral to antenna near fields
Active filters and gain-bandwidth product
Novel type of cut for KDP crystals for low-voltage light modulation
Effect of various gases on formative times of laser-triggered spark gap
Radiation resistance of a square loop in a warm plasma
Evidence for a correlation between discontinuities and filamentary conduction in the forward characteristic of diode thyristors
Adaptive equaliser for multipath channels
Electronic-network analysis by digital computer
Erratum: New equivalent circuits for elementary piezoelectric transducers
Erratum: Dielectric Green's function for parameters of microstrip

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