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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 16, 6 August 1970

Volume 6, Issue 16

6 August 1970

Two-dimensional analysis of substrate effects in junction f.e.t.s
Electrical lengths of stripline bends
Singular perturbation and bounded-input bounded-state stability
Analysis of helicon-wave propagation
New mode of microwave emission from GaAs
Inversion of a class of matrices occurring in control-system theory by an m-step procedure allied to Gaussian elimination
Realisation of cellular arithmetic cells by threshold-logic assemblies
Method of measuring mobility of majority carriers in silicon devices
Approximation to a linear-phase power function (l.p.p.f.) in an m-dimensional orthonormal space
Titanium dioxide as gate insulator for m.o.s. transistors
Transient response of a pn junction capacitor to a ramp signal
Contribution to numerical methods for calculation of complex dielectric permittivities
Control-function optimisation using quadrature integrations for positive semidefinite state cost matrix Q
Field-emission-controlled transit-time negative resistance
Computer optimisation of cascaded noncommensurable-line lowpass filters
Asynchronous binary dividing array
Complete determination of capacitances characterising shielded-resistance potential divider
Pattern learning in humans and electronic learning nets
Acoustoelectric amplification of surface waves in structure of cadmium-selenide film on lithium niobate
New application of fundamental switching theorem
Statistics of tropospheric attenuation at 190 GHz from observations of solar noise
Focused aperture antenna using a spherical main reflector with (Cassegrain) convex feed
Simple coincidence system for side-lobe ambiguity reduction in discrete-coded waveforms
Novel transistorised lock-in f.m. discriminator
Radiation mechanism of dielectric-rod and Yagi aerials
S type current/voltage characteristics and recombination emission in Gunn diodes
Erratum: Low-cost reciprocal-law circuit

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